Zack Danziger is a committed musician whose music can be heard throughout Western Massachusetts and beyond. 

From Zack's album "Songs In The Key Of Faith" 

Sample: O Gentle Presence

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1) "Songs In The Key Of Faith"  12 hymns on guitar and guitars (and flute) creating a soothing and healing vibe that will cure all your pains and woes. This is a lovely gift for all people, of all faiths.


2) "Sun Is All We Need"  my debut CD ... beautiful jazz oriented tunes, some with lyrics, some instrumentals, mostly originals.

"Sun Is All We Need" Zack Danziger debut cd cover

Sample: Sun Is All We Need


Other Info ...

Music keeps me busy doing performance, composing, recording, arranging, and teaching.

Please visit my music and video and social media outlets:

Zack Danziger Facebook page

Zack Danziger, Musician Facebook page

Youtube channels:

Golden Years (featuring Kate Nicolaou and me)

Sweet as Sugar (featuring Bill Shontz, Kate Nicolaou, and me)

Dream Street (featuring Amy Rose on flute, and me)


  "I love all my Fruits and Vegetable" Original Music for Children
  "Songs in the Key of Faith" solo guitar hymns, Watchfire Music
  "Dream Street" duo, guitar and flute duo with Amy Rose
  "Jazz and Pop" Solo guitar and voice, unplugged originals and covers
  "Tin Pan Valley" with Lenny Zarcone
  "Adrienne Paquin" music and videos
  "Dixieland Stomp" Dixieland Jazz
  "Dance with Me" Mary Witt
  "O-Tones Big Band"